The Click Click Click Story

The past two years I have been working on a project/concept. I want children to understand why we take so many photos of them. We use our phones, hire professionals, any chance we get we seem to be taking photos and capturing these special moments. But do children really know why we do this? I have been photographing children for a very long time and as they get older I always hear, “why are we doing this AGAIN!” I always laugh. I WISH I had nearly half as many photos taken of me when I was little that kids nowadays do. Cellphones have really changed all that and it has made life easier to just point, click, and ta da! Instant photo! I want to make photo shoots fun and I want children to know why exactly we do this. This is how “Click! Click! Click!” became about. It’s a book for children to read and maybe get a better understanding on why everything today is photographed. We photograph everything, every milestone, every tooth, every haircut, first day of school, anything and everything we photograph it. At the end of the day and many years down the road when we are older and our kids now have their own kids and people have passed. What do we have left? Photos

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